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When to Pick Corn  There are many different ways to tell when your corn is ready.  You can squeeze the cobs, pull back the husk or just count the days to maturity.  But, you always need to pay special attention to the silks. When squeezing the cobs, you want to make sure they are firm […]

What to do about Japanese Beetles I was out in the garden early this morning.  Since I have mulched most of the garden with hay, I made quick work of hoeing the few rows I have without the hay.  I must get another bale this week to finish off the mulching. I was walking down […]

I have been gardening on and off for most of my life.  My Grandfather first introduced me to gardening as a small child.  Eating fresh peas from the vine and carrots from the ground…dirt and all was a part of my life.  A little dirt never hurt anyone. As an adult, I wish I had […]