Patience in the Garden


Patience in the Garden….

I’ve always been the type to need immediate gratification.  Living in the fast lane was fun exciting and dangerous!  I learned that gardening does not supply my need for anything remotely close to instant gratification.  You have learned from my earlier post that I grew up in a family where gardening was important.  Little did I know that gardening required patience!

Free entertainment while the garden grows!

Free entertainment while the garden grows!

My husband started my tomato seeds in February.  He is the one with the green thumb in the family.  He can grow almost anything from seed.  He even had winter squash blooming in March!   After he raised all my heirloom tomatoes from seeds, he planted them in early April, way before our last frost date.  Needless to say, I covered them and replanted them more than once!

After setting out the tomatoes, I covered them with leaves and shredded paper from the office.  I saved all the junk mail and used that too.  My husband thought I was crazy.  I covered the entire tomato patch in paper.  Then I read a collection of Ruth Stout’s articles on organic gardening.  You can read all about that in one of my earlier posts.   This post is about some of the results of my ‘craziness.’

Will they ever ripen?!?!?

My tomatoes are doing very well.  It has been very dry here lately and I haven’t had to water them but only a few times.  The shredded paper, leaves and hay have shielded the earth from the harsh dry weather we have had lately.  The tomatoes are growing and I will have some rip ones soon.  My green beans have yielded about 3 bushels since they began to ripen two weeks ago.  My corn is starting to tassel and I have picked a few cucumbers and zucchini.  Gardening is definitely an activity that requires patience.

Dilled green beans and regular green beans.

Dilled Green beans for Miss Mary…..hope they are good. This is the first time I have made them.

I still have some hay to put out.  I didn’t get the corn patch covered in time.  The okra is suffering from a few weeds as well.  It’s almost time to pull the onions and garlic I planted last fall.  I have started a crock of sauerkraut and canned a few beans.  I made dilled green beans for the first time this year. I have a few cucumbers and picked three Parisian zucchini tonight.  I haven’t had to hoe in weeks!  It is a great feeling….  Mulching with hay is the way to go!  Thank you Ruth Stout for all your wisdom.

Blogging near the coop, the chickens must think I am here to entertain them!


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