What to do about Japanese Beetles


What to do about Japanese Beetles

I was out in the garden early this morning.  Since I have mulched most of the garden with hay, I made quick work of hoeing the few rows I have without the hay.  I must get another bale this week to finish off the mulching.

The Bean Patch

Picking off the japanese beatles is smelly and not fun. Thank goodness they only eat the leaves!

I was walking down the bean rows and found Japanese Beetles at work.  I let the chickens in the garden all winter hoping that the Japanese Beetle population would suffer.  I’m not really sure how well it worked as I found many Beetles at work on my beans.  I know the chickens couldn’t possible eat all the grubs so I am expecting a few.  I got me a milk jug and started picking the beetles of the plants one at a time.  After awhile I noticed the beetles will slide off the leaves.  So I started putting the jug under the leaves and then tilting the leaves so the beetles would slide right in.  Voila!  Success!  I collected about a half cup of beetles.

I found a recipe for making beetle juice to spray on the nasty little creatures to keep them off the plants.  I think I will try it in a few days after I collect enough of the nasty little creatures.  I will share it with you now.  Put one cup of beetles put in a blender and liquefy them.   Add enough water to the thin the mixture until it can be used in a sprayer.  Spray on the plants affected by the beetles.

See their distinctive Feathers?

Dominiques had black and white striped feathers

I have interviewed a few people and they tell me that if you start collecting the beetles, they have fewer and fewer of them each year.  I think I will collect them and make the spray just to make sure.

I’m not an organic farmer but I do want to be a good steward of the small part of the Earth that God has blessed me with.  So I am going to try this instead of using chemicals that could destroy my little part of this world.

What comes from the ground, return to the ground!


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