Ms. Phyllis Diller – My Broody Hen


You can’t make a hen sit on a nest.  You can leave eggs in a nest only to throw them out a week later becasue none of your hens are ready to brood.  Then, all of a sudden one day, your meanest nastiest hen decides to sit on a few golf balls!  She bites, gets all puffy and upset if you try to steal the eggs from under her.  Lifting her out and running her out of the coop isn’t working.  This is the hen that chases the cat for sport.  Otis doesn’t mess with Ms. Phyllis!  He sees her coming and runs for cover.  Otis is a good kitty.  I have taught him not to bother the chickens and believe it or not, he listens.

The next day, you still take the eggs.  Not realizing she has gone broody!  After three days of this behavior, I start leaving the eggs under her.  The third day, she has 4 eggs, then 5 then 6.  I know they are not all hers.  She is in the favorite laying nest and when she leaves the nest, the other hens are laying eggs in her box.  I also have 20 eggs in the incubator so I am really not thrilled to have a broody hen.  Oh well….lets just see what happens.  This is my first spring with laying hens and I really don’t know what to expect out of them.  After two weeks I candle the eggs and find two of them are not fertle so I do not return them to the nest.

In the mean time, I only have 4 that hatch in the incubator.  They are two weeks ahead of the ones Ms. Phyllis is raising.  Miracle of all miracles, I get home this afternoon and Ms. Phyllis has three little fur balls under her.  She was sitting on the nest a little funny and had her wings furthur out then usual.  I gently lifted her and say little yellow legs stickig out from under her wings.  One, two then three little heads popped out from under her.  They are so cute!!!  I love the little ones!  I rooted them all out so I could take a couple of photos.  The 4th one is starting to emerge from its shell do I didn’t bother it.  Here are a couple of photos of the new babies.



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