Gardening from the Beginning


I have been gardening on and off for most of my life.  My Grandfather first introduced me to gardening as a small child.  Eating fresh peas from the vine and carrots from the ground…dirt and all was a part of my life.  A little dirt never hurt anyone.

I have the tomatoes covered. On to the rest.

As an adult, I wish I had paid more attention to my Grandpa!  He was trying to teach me and I wasn’t noticing.  I learned that gardening was a lot of hard work.  He taught me to put the best tomatoes in the bottom of the bushel basket.  Put the ripest ones on top.  When I started growing my own food, I learned his green thumb was not inherited by me!  I worked hard to make a garden that the weeds would finally take over and I had little to show.  How did he keep his garden so neat?  Where were the weeds?  What is the difference in watermelons and cucumbers? They all look alike when they are about six inches long.  Needless to say…I threw a few watermelons into the woods one year while helping in the garden while grandpa was on vacation.  Grandpa never asked me to help in the garden again while he was gone.

This year, my younger sister shared a book of articles written by Ruth Stout.  I have adopted the ‘Ruth Stout’ method of gardening this year.  It involves mulching the entire garden with hay.  Six to eight inches of hay will keep the weeds out!  Who knew?  Not me!  I’ve always used bark mulch in my flower beds and have never had many weeds.  How do you till a garden full of hay? You don’t!  No tilling…impossible!   My sister always has a weed free garden.  If there are weeds, she just throws a handful of hay on them and they disappear.  My husband declared that he wasn’t helping with the garden this year since the chickens dug up 5 tomato plants.  The garden was all mine!  Yippee! I was going to try something new.  I had my dad deliver some hay to me and fun began!  I am trying the ‘Stout’ method.

I have a good start on spreading the hay. About a third done. More work to do!


One Response to “Gardening from the Beginning”

  1. Fabulous!!! Your garden looks beautiful!!!

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